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We worked with Simon Macbeth Roundhay to create this wonderful website. He really helped us bring our ideas to life and made sure to meet our requirements for an attractive, user friendly site that will encourage potential customers to contact us. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome and look forward to our business adventure.

121 Web Design

Simon Macbeth Leeds, Roundhay is the creator and manager of 121 Web Design, the UK’s number 1 low cost web design company, who have even won 4 awards for their wonderful work!

The team is made up of professional designers, developers, marketers, content writers and more. Their skill set isn’t limited, providing their clients only the best

Too Tired To Play Games

As well as being a self taught web designer, Simon Macbeth Leeds is also a writer. He wrote and published his autobiography ‘Too Tired To Play Games’.

Here is a short snippet from Chapter 22:

The biggest loss Simon Macbeth Roundhay suffered financially came immediately off the back of winning the Ferrari F430 auction. Simon was feeling invincible, although he was never arrogant. Simon always knew that there was a chance he could lose, but he took his eye off the ball a bit around this time. There were two competitions that ran side-by-side in March 2006. One was for a ₤32,500 Porsche and the other was for a ₤35,000 Range Rover.

Simon Macbeth Leeds found out about the Porsche competition in January 2006 and the advert for the Range Rover auction caught my eye in late February. They started working on the competitions towards the end of February and worked through March to ensure success.

Simon had employed his younger sister Steph to work on the auctions with him and her share of the Ferrari had been 20 percent of the profits, while she took a seventh from everything else. Once he’d completed his usual preparation and the competitions had started, Steph did some of the work alongside him. Because both competitions ended on 31st March, Simon decided that Steph would do the Porsche competition and he would be responsible for doing the entries for the Range Rover.

Want to read more? This book is available to buy on Amazon.


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