The cost for the Trust , Operating Agreement and Registration is:
Piston Single and Twin Aircraft and Helicopters up to 5,700lbs 300.00 USD per year (240.00GBP)
Above 5,700 lbs 450.00 USD (360.00 GBP) per year.
Turbine Single and Multi Aircraft and Helicopter: $600.00 USD (485.00 GBP) per year
Single and Multi Jet Aircraft and Helicopter: 1,165.00 USD (935.00GBP) per year
Aircraft and Helicopters with a Hull Value greater than 2 Million USD : 1,600 USD (1280.00 GBP) per year
We do not charge for any initial start up fees.
To legally operate an FAA registered aircraft outside the USA an FCC Aircraft Radio Station License must be applied for and we can provide this for an additional fee of 100.00 USD ( 85.00GBP)

We can keep our costs low and reasonable as we are experts in efficiently administering out Trusts, with not only a Trust Agreement, but also an Operating Agreement, which outlines the responsibilities of the Beneficiary Owner and the Trustee and all obligations which are legally approved by the FAA. Thus, no designer type of corporate setup is needed which saves the expense and time consuming responsibility of keeping company minutes, stock transfer forms, tax and corporate records and paying state and US taxes. All of these items are taken care of for you by Byco FAA Registration Trustees Ltd. LLC.
Presently, the registration process can take up to 2 weeks before a temporary registration is issued, but we can expedite in certain circumstances. During the period of registration transfer, if de-registered, the aircraft is not allowed to be flown until on the FAA registry, so this may be a good time to do any maintenance.

Charity ( we will waiver our fees for any type of aircraft solely used for charity purposes)

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We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the FAA, CAA, EASA and all other IASCO recognized countries to facilitate the “N” registration.